“Berta” team introduces innovative resolutions on permanent basis, be it management of new technologies, business-processes or provision of market with production of innovative products.

High quality

Key principle of our activity is continued strive for meeting the highest standards that is revealed in the high quality of goods produced by us.

Occupational Health and Safety

One of our priorities is to comply with the highest safety standards and take care of the health of our employees.

Company is located on environmentally friendly place that substantially reduce existence of exhaust and harmful substances on the territory of production.


Working process at our company is based on team-working principle.

Coordinated working of employee’s team and individual responsibility are defining and necessary factors for Company to enable it achieve its goals.

Main priority of Berta’s corporate perspective is to strengthen its position on local, as well as international markets, that we intend to achieve by producing the high-quality goods.

Bertha's Vision

The main priority of Berta’s corporate vision is to strengthen its position in the local and international markets, which we want to achieve by producing high quality products.

Competitive power

Berta’s aim is to occupy its place on local, regional and international markets and obtain the status of competitive producer, that in the first place is determined by producing the high-quality goods and offering high level of service.


Berta” fully acknowledges and is proud of its responsibility that it has undertaken by participation in the process of economic growth and in the direction of developing of industry within the state.

Valuable partner

Our motivation is to be a valuable partner for all interested parties. Berta’s principal challenge is technological re-equipment, innovations and its contribution that Company brings into the economic development of the state.