Antibact Universal - surface disinfectant (Spray)

Capacity: 500 ml

Made on the basis of Hydrogen peroxide. Used on any surface, such as deso-barrier, toys, office equipment and lacquered furniture, machinery, etc. Permeates through hardly-achievable areas, disinfects and gives shine to the surface. After disinfection the surface does not require ventilation and rinsing. 1 liter of ,,Antibact” is enough for treating from 50 up to 70 sq. meters of surfaces.

Product Specifications:

Additional advantages of “Berta’s” production


  • Essential oils of French origin – Vitamins A and E (antiallergic, nourishing and skin structure recovering);
  • Flavoring agents – antiseptic, refined
  • Hydrogen peroxide penetrates in pores and kills harmful germs within the shortest period.
  • Water is treated by Osmo equipment, that makes the water softer and free of metals, salts and germs. Having passed the above mentioned process, the ionized component remains.


  • Bowlers are made of Italian stainless metals, having triple mixing and temperature-regulating functions;
  • Raw materials and ready products do not intersect, that completely meets European standards;
  • Ventilation system ensures complete destruction of dust mites;
  • Production is located on environmentally friendly place that substantially reduce existence of exhaust and harmful substances on the territory of production
  • Current producing capacity is 40 tons per 24 hours.


  • Own chemical and microbiological laboratory;
  • Inspection of any type of raw material;
  • Continued control of produced goods before realization;
  • Possibility of change of new components and creation of new products;

Laboratory closely cooperates with various laboratories (including Lugar Research Center)

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