Ovatio- antibacterial (PET Bottle)

Capacity: 5 L

Liquid soap for our devoted customers, made on the basis of demineralized water, has splendid aroma, kills all kind of germs, it is antiallergic, antibacterial and recommended by Georgian doctors.

Product Specifications:

Additional advantages of “Berta’s” production


  • Essential oils of French origin – Vitamins A and E (antiallergic, nourishing and skin structure recovering);
  • Flavoring agents – antiseptic, refined
  • Hydrogen peroxide penetrates in pores and kills harmful germs within the shortest period.
  • Water is treated by Osmo equipment, that makes the water softer and free of metals, salts and germs. Having passed the above mentioned process, the ionized component remains.


  • Bowlers are made of Italian stainless metals, having triple mixing and temperature-regulating functions;
  • Raw materials and ready products do not intersect, that completely meets European standards;
  • Ventilation system ensures complete destruction of dust mites;
  • Production is located on environmentally friendly place that substantially reduce existence of exhaust and harmful substances on the territory of production
  • Current producing capacity is 40 tons per 24 hours.


  • Own chemical and microbiological laboratory;
  • Inspection of any type of raw material;
  • Continued control of produced goods before realization;
  • Possibility of change of new components and creation of new products;
  • Laboratory closely cooperates with various laboratories (including Lugar Research Center)

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